Posted by: ioannespaulus | October 2, 2010

Latin through the Gospel of St. Mark – Notes for Session 4

I’m really sorry for posting this really really late. I’ve been very bogged down by work.

But anyway, here are the slides and notes for Session 4:

Session 04 Slides

Session 04 Slides (Printable)

For those who didn’t attend: If you’re wondering what the stories are, they are not meant to be grammatically accurate, but to act as a means for the participants to remember the meaning of the words (in both the formulation of the story, and in guessing what the word means).

Session 04 Word List

Session 04 Vocab List

Session 04 Crossword (Erratum: No. 18 Down, I did not put enough boxes. So you’ll just have to squeeze the word in it)

Session 04 Crossword Answers (Erratum: No. 18 Down, I did not put enough boxes as I spelt the word wrongly.)

If you’re wondering where to find the texts for the Gospel of St. Mark, please refer to the Notes for Session 1.

Note: In the slides, I have put English words above the Latin as a guide for translation. It is NOT an accurate translation.


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