Posted by: ioannespaulus | July 24, 2010

Latin Level I: Next Class in December 2010

Hi everyone!

Many have asked if I am starting a new Level I class soon.

I would really really love to start a brand new class, however, my upcoming university semester will be very heavy, and I won’t be able to cope witih doing two classes of Latin per week, especially since I found a better way of teaching Latin (though it means lots of extra work for me).

However… The brand new Level IV Latin Class will be open to all – those who have and those who have not attended any of the Latin classes by me – somewhere in August 2010. Dates to be finalised soon.

The structure of Level IV Latin will be made in such a way that people new to Latin will be able to catch up very, VERY easily. With a greater emphasis and focus on vocabulary, through the study of sacred Sciptures – mainly the Gospel of St. Mark – everything else (grammar and more) should fall very nicely in place after that.

Nonetheless, I will still be doing the Level I Latin in December 2010 so that the basics of Latin – pronunciation, why this, why that, etc… – will be covered.

So, stay tuned, and do keep in touch with me for updates and more!

God bless!


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