Posted by: ioannespaulus | April 20, 2010

Upcoming Latin Concert

Just for whoever is interested in Latin chants and polyphony…

Invocation of Love

by Tempvs Fvgit (France)

Date: 25 APR 2010, SUN
Time: 7.30pm  (90mins, no intermission)
Venue: Esplanade Concert Hall
Price: $35
Concessions: Limited concessions for seniors, NSF: $28 and students: $19

“L’intense émotion” – Journal de la Corse

Named after its winter mists, the honey-and-wine-growing region of the Nebbiu in the enigmatic Mediterranean island of Corsica is one place where polyphonic singing still thrives and the ancient sacred Latin repertoire still lives.

Both were almost extinct until the 70s which saw a surge in nationalism, a revival of Corsican polyphony and a reconstruction of old songs by ethno-musicologists. Today, Corsican polyphony is central to Corsican cultural identity and practiced by singing Brotherhoods and modern vocal groups alike.

For the first time in Singapore, hear Corsican ensemble Tempvs Fvgit sing centuries-old processional songs, chants, prayers for Holy Week, laments, traditional Corsican songs, old sacred songs from the Nebbiu, original compositions and a piece from the ancient Latin mass dedicated to the Virgin Mary, with vocals that plunge deep in expression of joy, devotion, pain and love.

More information here.

Thanks to Agnes and Sandra for informing me about this.

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