Posted by: ioannespaulus | March 28, 2010

Latin Level III: Details of Next Session (2 of 9)


Details of the next session are as follows

Date: Saturday, 10 Apr 2010
Time: 7.30pm-9.30pm
Venue: Church of the Risen Christ, Auditorium (Level 3)

In the next session, we shall study about 2 or 3 Psalms in Latin. Also, we shall continue the story of Paulus and Mulus (and the rest of his friends), as well as more stories that I have written for the upcoming Level I textbook. As it is breviary study, we shall look at some of the antiphons and responsories that can be found in the Divine Office – especially in this season of Easter.

We had a long break from Level II, so I am aware many of us have more or less forgotten a lot of the things that we have learnt so far. Don’t worry! I’ll be touching very little grammar as possible. Rather, we’ll build up more on our vocab and revise grammar along the way. This should bring back to memory all the things we have learnt in the past.

Do invite your friends and those who didn’t make it for the previous session.

See you soon!

God bless!


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