Posted by: ioannespaulus | January 26, 2010

[COMING SOON!] New Level II Class Starting Soon!

Hello everyone!

There will be a new Level II Class starting on Saturday, 20 Feb 2010.

It will be held on Saturdays at 2pm. The venue is 122 McNair Road #05-51, Singapore 320122 (That’s my house. Feel free to send a postcard or a letter.) Why is it done in my house? Because of the day and timing, it is not possible to get a room in Church.

What will we do? We’ll go through Mass texts, Collects, some Latin stories (very exciting! If we are fast enough, we could get to the story about the murder in the monastery… in LATIN!!!). And lots more. We’ll also learn a bit more Latin grammar. But not too much. It’s really an application of what we’ve learnt in Level I. You could say it’s a way of strengthening the stuf that has been learnt before.

Don’t worry if you still don’t get it. Mysteries are meant to be understood slowly over time.

Anyway, if you have friends who are interested, do bring them, I think it may be possible for them to catch up without Level I. But let me know if you’re bringing more people.

Here’s the details in summary:

Day: Saturday
Time: 2pm-4pm
Venue: 122 McNair Road #05-51, Singapore 320122 (Click here for map)

Session 1: 20 Feb 2010
Session 2: 27 Feb 2010
Session 3: 6 Mar 2010
Session 4: 20 Mar 2010
Session 5: 27 Mar 2010
Session 6: 10 Apr 2010
Session 7: 17 Apr 2010
Session 8: 8 May 2010
Session 9: 15 May 2010

Easiest Way to get to my house:

  • Go to Novena Square (Novena MRT)
  • From there, take bus 21.
  • After the bus passes by Balestier ITE, RING THE BELL
  • Alight at the next stop
  • 122 McNair Road will be right in front of you.

So… see you soon!

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