Posted by: ioannespaulus | October 7, 2009

Vade Mecum – Latin-English Prayer Booklet

Hello everybody!

Here’s the Vade Mecum booklet with all the prayers that Pope Benedict XVI has encouraged us to learn, and a little bit more!

Download PDF

To print as a foldable booklet, when you open the PDF, go to File -> Print. There is a drop down menu box that says “Page Scaling”. Click that, and choose booklet printing. Then follow your printer’s instruction on how to print-double sided, and you can get a nice foldable booklet!

If that’s too much of a hassle, drop me a comment/e-mail, and I’ll bring it for you at the next Session.

God bless!



  1. Thanks! Impressive!

  2. […] printing more copies of the Vade Mecum booklet. If you’d like, you can download the PDF from this page, and print it on your own (and even freely distribute it to your friends). I shall print more […]

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