Posted by: ioannespaulus | September 28, 2009

Euge! Akan Datang… Level II Latin!!!

Good news to everybody!

For those who did not come to Session 5, the class has unanimously agreed to having Level II Latin. A big thanks must be given to Joseph Wan and his wife, Agatha, for providing me with a good Latin book. In fact, this book is quite good, it’s used in some seminaries around the world! OOOOooo… So we’re really getting serious about our Latin now! For those who are curious what that book is, it’s:

(If you want to buy this book, I do recommend buying it from here: You’ll be supporting seminarians!)

Tentatively, Level II will begin on Saturday, 14 November 2009. I’ll have to check with the parish secretary first. But it’ll be another 9 Sessions (let me know if you want more!)

And since it co-incides with Christmas, we’ll try to learn a bunch of Christmas songs in Latin too! Who knows? If you’re keen enough, we might even go carolling in Latin sometime soon! =)


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