Posted by: ioannespaulus | September 8, 2009

Chants that will be sung for this Sunday’s Mass

Hello everybody!

As I mentioned in the earlier post, in this upcoming Session 4, I will be going through the chants that will be sung during this Sunday’s Mass in Latin with Chant. So that when you attend the Mass, you’d be able to sing along.

Here’s the links to the MP3:

Kyrie Eleison IV (p.15 of the Chant Booklet)

Gloria IV (p.16-17 of the Chant Booklet)

Sanctus IV (p.17-18 of the Chant Booklet)

Mortem Tuam (What is sung after the Mysterium Fidei – Let us proclaim the Mystery of Faith)

Agnus Dei IV (p.18 of the Chant Booklet)

The above chants were linked to MP3s from this website. Feel free to go in and listen to the other recordings that are available.

As for the Credo (The Nicene Creed) (p.50-53 of the Chant Booklet)



  1. Hi Jonathan

    Thank you for the beautiful hymns and chants. lovely
    to listen but unable to follow without the words.
    Thanks for your time and effort,

    God bless,


    • Hi Iris!
      If you have the chant book from the Latin Class, you can refer to it. It’s under Mass IV. The page numbers are written in this blog entry. They are at the links which you can click to download the MP3s.

      Hope that helps!

      Didn’t see you at class today. Hope to see you next week!

      God bless!

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