Posted by: ioannespaulus | September 7, 2009

Details of Session 4 of 9

Date: Saturday, 12 September 2009
Time: 7.15pm (Room will be opened at about 7.10pm)
Venue: Church of the Risen Christ, Auditorium (Level 3)

At this point of time, it’s a bit too late for anyone new to join us because that will mean having to explain a lot of stuff from the past 3 lessons. So, if you’re super keen on learning Latin, please wait for the next round which should start almost immediately after this round is done.

So… what will we be doing in Session 4? Well, because there will be a Mass in Latin with Gregorian Chant, I think some of you guys would be very interested in it. So, I will find out what chants they will be singing, and teach some of these chants to you guys (don’t forget to bring your little chant booklet!) Also, I will explain how to attend and actively participate in Mass even though it’s in a language that you probably don’t understand, in short, a nice title for this will be:

How to participate actively in Masses in Latin

After which, we’ll continue Latin Grammar. I shall be releasing the answers to the First Translation Exercise. One way in which you can improve your Latin would be to attempt to translate the answers from English back into Latin.

We’ll enter into the Mystery of those cryptic grammar stuff on the notes from Session 3. You’re probably wondering what those tables are. You’ll know it soon enough!

Oh yes! We’ll have some Minimus comics and if we have enough time, we’ll do Goldilocks and the Three Bears (oops… my mistake) Jack and the Beanstalk in Latin!

So… I look forward to seeing you again at Session 4!

God bless!


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