Posted by: ioannespaulus | August 23, 2009

Details of Session 2 of 9

Date: Saturday, 29 August 2009
Time: 7.15pm (Room will be opened at about 7.10pm)
Venue: Church of the Risen Christ, Auditorium (Level 3)

If you’ve missed Session 1, don’t panic! Just download and print the notes/slides from Session 1 and come for Session 2! Be sure to look at what’s on the notes and slides. If you have any questions, you can always send me an e-mail.

What to expect in Session 2?

We’ll go through the super quick brief history of Gregorian Chant, and why gregorian chant. Then we’ll learn 1-2 hymns, do some more cute comics from Minimus, and start learning Latin grammar! At the end of the Session, we’ll pray Compline (Night Pray of the Divine Office). We’ll do the most parts in English first.

Oh yes! You’ll also be receiving a chant booklet, a Latin-English prayer booklet, and the Latin-English Night Prayer booklet. So please bring a bag to put those books in. But I’ll just bring some plastic bags anyway for your convenience.

I’ll be bringing Latin stuffs for sale if anybody is interested. In the next post (probably by tomorrow evening), I will list out all the items which I’d be bringing for sale.

See you at Session 2!

God bless!


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