Posted by: ioannespaulus | June 23, 2009

Next Session on Saturday, 27 June 2009

Please note that Session 5 of 7 will continue as per normal on Saturday, same time (7.15pm), same place (St. Elizabeth’s Room).

My apologies to all for the ultra long session. The next lesson will be definitely shorter. I hope to make it lighter too.

For those who are lost on the grammar part, please refer to pg 2 of the notes from Session 1 for a brief understanding of what the different cases mean.

We’ll be going through the Documents of Vatican II, and other Magisterium documents in the Latin Language. We’ll try learning some fun phrases too!

Also, please practice saying “fac me” PROPERLY without purposely mispronouncing it. I know it sounds like a vulgarity, but it’s not vulgar in Latin. So please try to get used to saying it so that you don’t purposely mispronounce words during prayers. So… say it loud, say it proud, “FAC ME!” (maybe 10 times in the morning, noon, and night?).

Some people were lost with Compline. My apologies. What you can do is to go through the Latin text of the Psalms (especially Sunday I) so that you become familiarised with it. We’ll continue to recite it at the next lesson.

God bless!


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