Posted by: ioannespaulus | June 14, 2009


Just a reminder… Your “homework” will be to do the translation exercise on the last page of the third set of notes.

For your convenience, here’s the text to translate:

1. Tarandrus Rudolphus
nasum rubrum habebat;
si quando hunc videbas,
hunc candere tu dicas.

2. Omnis tarandrus alius
deridens lacessensque
ut rudolphus ludat obstabat
in ludis cuiusmodicumque.

3. Nocte Bona nebulae
Santa venit. Ait:
Te naso lucidissimo
Traham ducere volo

4. Tunc adorant tarandri
Magna voce Rudolphum
Polito naso rubro
Tarandrum clarissimum.

You may wish to use a Latin-English Dictionary or the online one (I recommend the one called, “Words”, which you can find in the links bar on the right –> ) As tempting as it may be, please try not to google the text for the answer. We’ll go through the answer in the next class, and we’ll see just how accurate our translation is.

In the mean time, once you’ve figured out what this text is, you can try singing it. =)

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